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How to Use

  1. Copy the code in the box of the background you like (Ctrl+C on Windowns, Cmmd+C on Mac)
  2. Go to the editing page for whichever page you want it on (see below)
  3. Paste the code into the appropriate box (Ctrl+P on Windows, Cmmd+P on Mac) and click submit
Where you paste the code will depend on which page you want to display the background on: for User Lookups, click here and paste in the 'About Me' box; for Pet Lookups, go here to select the pet you want to add the background to; for Shops, add the code to the 'Shop Description' box here; for Gallery Layouts, place the code in the 'Gallery Description' box here; and finally for petpages, you can edit all your pets' pages from here.

Neopets-Themed Backgrounds

Assorted Other Backgrounds

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