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The Daily Neopets graphics site is a large collection of premade graphics and layouts for our site visitors to use and pretty up their Neopets user lookups, pet lookups, galleries and more! We host hundreds of different styles and themes so hopefully there is something for everyone :)

Mini Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter one of these layouts in a Neopets site contest?
It depends on Neopets' own rules for this one - for example, you can enter the Gallery Spotlight with a premade layout, however the User Lookup and Petpage Spotlights must be all your own coding and design.

Can I use your code to make my own layout?
Yes! We are happy if you use our code to make your own layouts - however, you must display credit to TDN - either a text line ('Coding with help from TheDailyNeopets.com') or with one of our link buttons.

I need some help to edit your codes, can I contact you?
Unfortunately, we do not have the time or the staff to respond individually to help people with editing codes. As such, we consider this to be an "unsupported feature" - while we don't mind if people make their own layouts from ours, we can't help you if its not working. If you are having difficulties, making a board in our forums or on the Neoboards will be your best places for getting advice.

Can you add a *insert graphic here* with *insert theme here*?
Eventually, we might add a section on the forums as a place for visitors to suggest things they want to see added, but this is not functional yet.

Help - *insert layout here* doesn't work!
Please make sure you have copied all the code, and if its still not working send us a ticket with the layout name and the error message you get. We will attempt to fix any errors as soon as possible.

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